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Posted May 13, 2013

As Deirdre Pursel says: “Why wear someone else’s clothes?”

Indeed: why would you? As with branding, dressing well is all about wearing what fits and makes you feel great — not about wearing what someone else deems stylish. And that is the central theme of this story: the creation of a truly personal brand. Over the past year, Jell worked with Deirdre Pursel to radically alter the vision and path of her business — evolving from a self-described “closet whisperer” to a full-fledged clothes-and-lifestyle guru.

Initially, discussions focused on Deirdre’s “organize and edit” business model, but everything snapped into focus when she told us about her new relationships with Lower Manhattan tastemaker Jay Kos and the high-end giftcard site Giftbar. Deirdre knew she could no longer fit neatly into a traditional category such as “closet organizer” or “fashion stylist.” She had a unique vision, and she was ready to invest in developing a personal brand to express that.

Deirdre challenges her clients to live authentic and genuine lives — by way of their wardrobes. As a consultant, she guides her clients, including high-power executives, stay-at-home-moms, and television personalities, to discover their own personal styles and gain new levels of confidence.

Our job was to distill Deirdre’s brand — her ethos and the intangible breakthroughs she offered her clients — into something clear, effortless, and broader than clothes.

The answer was right in front of us. Deirdre had a warm, engaging personal energy, and it shone most brightly via the testimonials of her clients. We just had to show it. We put together a great production team, including director Nancy Bardawil, producer Melissa Taylor, and award-winning photographer Jim Newberry, to create videos and portraits to capture the Deirdre effect.

We recently launched Deirdre’s responsive website, media kit, and YouTube channel — and produced a distinctive letterpress business card — all just in time for her May 9th brand launch party at Public Hotel.

Almost immediately following the launch, Deirdre quickly announced additional relationships, including connections with Made Collection, Winifred Grace, Seize sur Vingt, and Loop. The Deirdre Pursel brand seems to be thriving.