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Posted June 12, 2010

Renamed, rebranded, and booming globally: APS BioGroup

There’s nothing more rewarding than watching a long-time client grow, evolve, and achieve exactly the kind of success they had anticipated or desired. Such is the case with the company formerly known as Advanced Protein Systems, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2003, we began working with President and CEO Bob Davies to develop their brand and establish the company as a preeminent supplier of colostrum to the global market, with a special focus on sales to China.

By autumn 2009, it became clear to management at Advanced Protein Systems that they had completely outgrown the company’s startup skin — in terms of size, business model, offerings, messaging, and appearance. We began discussing a complete rebranding: a platform to express the company’s rapid growth, internal segmentation, and global ambitions. Jell led the namestorming and domain research. We chose “BioGroup” as the umbrella, retaining the original brand mark and “APS” for continuity. The new brand and home page would express corporate-level mission, vision, and values (e.g., “advancing excellence in health products”). We would market each of the company’s three current divisions — colostrum manufacturing, proprietary Immulox® products, and contract manufacturing — through microsites and matching print collateral.

It can be difficult to generate genuine trust, excitement, and gut-level emotional appeal for a B2B enterprise, especially when most of its customers and prospects are spread across Europe, Africa, and Asia. The new Web site would have to offer high energy, compelling tours of the facility, and direct connections to key relationship managers. To accomplish all of this — and capture APS BioGroup’s capacity, technical capabilities, and high quality control standards —Jell Creative directed a two-day photo shoot at the 60,000 square foot Phoenix facility with the excellent team at Stevenson Photography. The resulting imagery can be viewed on every page of the Web site, through a variety of slideshows, and in print collateral.

The highly integrated brand launch, including Spanish and Chinese versions of the Web site, trade show signage, and a global email blast, was completed just in time to synchronize with APS BioGroup’s coming-out party at Vitafoods 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland. The brand’s debut was an exciting end to a whirlwind six-month collaboration with our primary client contacts Katja Zizmond, Andrew Keech, and Bob Davies.

View the original site that we launched in January 2013 here.