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Posted September 19, 2012

äctucast: Diving into big data — differently

“Big data” is one of the hottest boom areas in tech, and it’s quite literally changing the way businesses sell. Big data tools, now available as online services, enable businesses to crunch millions of data points to identify and analyze customer patterns in a way that just wasn’t possible previously. Big data tools are now beginning to crowd the marketplace. In this sea of competition, a recent start-up, äctucast, enlisted Jell to help bring their unique vision on big data to life.

äctucast was developed by some leading lights in the field, including tech entrepreneur Eduardo Vilar (formerly of ReadWriteWeb Espana). As Eduardo told us, äctucast technology was designed to quickly predict which of your online shoppers would soon become big buyers (or “whales”) — and to enable marketers to leverage that information immediately, without the help of engineers or mathematicians.

The original äctucast website was serviceable in terms of basic information, but it didn’t smack one over the head with what makes äctucast truly special. Re-imagining the website — and brand look — was an essential first step to differentiating their brand promise.

To fire up the collective imaginations of potential äctucast customers and funders, we painted a very visual picture of what äctucast can deliver. Jell developed high impact imagery with a whimsical touch to illustrate big data benefits in a story-like format. This bold visual interpretation added a much-needed dash of fun to a dry subject matter that often intimidates newcomers.

Our collaboration with äctucast has just begun. Our prediction: the best is yet to come.