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Posted January 2, 2017

A rebranding and refresh for the Grant Park Music Festival’s website

To kick off the new year, we celebrated by launching a complete design refresh — the second such refresh in seven years — of the Grant Park Music Festival site we first created in 2009.

Right on the heels of completing our 2016 responsive makeover of the Harris Theater website, Jell launched into updating the GPMF site for 2017. The need for a bigger, bolder look was similar, especially with the logo update that was already in progress.

The redesign wasn’t entirely cosmetic, of course. We added more administrative flexibility and took an entirely new approach to marketing memberships, with three options available: Premium, Traditional, and Choose Your Own.

Along the way, we worked with the GPMF team — Jill Hurwitz, Joseph Fernicola, and Fareine Suarez — to do some much needed housecleaning and reorganization. The site launched just in time to coincide with the announcement of the 2017 season schedule (favorably previewed by John von Rhein of the Chicago Tribune) and spur member sales.

See you June 14 for Opening Night in Millennium Park!