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Posted October 10, 2011

A new century for IWSE

Given who they actually are and what they actually do these days, their full name is a bit misleading — the “Infant Welfare Society of Evanston” — but the name is rooted in historical fact. In 1913, philanthropic Evanston volunteers began distributing milk to impoverished families with infants and toddlers. A few years later, the Society opened prenatal and pediatric health clinics in Evanston and provided home visits from nurses for disadvantaged families, reducing infant mortality from 60 deaths per 1,000 births to 2.

Those were harder times for Evanston of course, but IWSE still serves a vital mission in the community. Nowadays, IWSE offers full-day, NAEYC accredited child care and early education facilities for Evanston and surrounding communities — arguably the finest early childhood care in the area.

IWSE has been able to thrive and grow largely due to the patronage of the area’s more fortunate parents. But the not-for-profit has never lost its original mission — to help the disadvantaged, Their Family Support Program reaches more than 80 of the community’s most vulnerable families each year with intensive supports and services aimed at preventing child abuse, increasing future school and life success, promoting positive and appropriate parenting and teaching families about their children’s development.

Jell is proud to have worked with Executive Director Cass Wolfe and Director of Development & Communications Jennifer Riskind to create a vibrant new website for IWSE, and help support its mission in the community. If you’d like to provide support IWSE’s work with at-risk children, consider volunteering, donating, or purchasing their Social Capers calendar (their primary fundraising device for the past 75 years).