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Posted August 5, 2009

How Does one Become a FileMaker Visionary?

You could study FileMaker scripting night and day, and build elaborate databases in your free time. Or you could take a shortcut and just wear some special glasses that make you look…well, desperately overcaffeinated.

The back story: client Chris Kubica of Application Architects originally got the idea to launch a “genius bar” at FileMaker’s annual DevCon event back in 2007. Conference attendees with technical questions or tough problems could visit the booth, staffed by FileMaker savants, and get their answers quickly. Jell worked with Chris to create the FileMaker Visionary brand, and it has become one of the key attractions at DevCon. (The t-shirts are always a hit.)

For FileMaker Devcon 2009, we looked for a special draw to the booth, something that reminded attendees how dedicated the FileMaker Visionaries were to educating the masses. What could be better than bona fide hypnotic genius glasses, guaranteed to clarify even the knottiest database problems? Jell found the glasses, tested them thoroughly in our laboratories, and then fabricated the commemorative display card. Yes, we’re keeping an eye on eBay.