25 years of discovering our clients’ brands

As we conclude our first quarter-century, we’d like to celebrate the core principles that have kept Jell in business all these years—principles that inspire our team every day and keep our clients happy. Strive always for excellence. Eschew mediocrity. Never stop learning. Never stop growing. MORE >

Posted December 21, 2018

Discovering a brand: Eastern Shipping Worldwide

What does it mean to discover a brand? Every case is different, but sometimes it means uncovering what has always been there. It’s simply a matter of allowing a brand’s best traits to shine. But identifying those key traits, and then distilling them into a compelling and memorable combination of words and images, isn’t always easy. It’s a process. MORE >

Posted November 16, 2018

Illuminating Satori Energy’s brand potential

It’s never a bad thing to have options. Freedom of choice puts the power in customers’ hands, and in deregulated energy markets that’s especially true. Choice in suppliers means more flexibility, with competitive, customizable contracts to suit consumers’ unique energy needs. MORE >

Posted October 17, 2018

Building the Clarus Hall brand

Imagine that you’re an independent life insurance advisor, and that you’re focused on serving high-net-worth individuals. You’re smart, you have your own company, and you’re doing well. Now, further imagine that you’re very ambitious and eager to grow your business. The question: how do you go about doing that? MORE >

Posted September 7, 2018

Happy birthday, Studs Terkel! Your Radio Archive is live.

Jell worked with WFMT to design & develop a searchable online archive of thousands of radio programs, including digital audio & interactive transcripts. MORE >

Posted May 16, 2018

Performing arts microsite promotes new season at Harris Theater

Harris Theater in Millennium Park continues to raise the bar as it approaches its 15th anniversary. With the upcoming season of Harris Theater Presents, the theater’s new president and chief executive Patricia Barretto has made her mark, offering Chicago arts patrons a vibrant calendar full of surprises and firsts. MORE >

Posted February 13, 2018

25 years of branding, marketing, messaging

We celebrate this coming year not only because it is our silver anniversary, but because we have abundant gratitude for the past 24 years and high hopes for 2018 and beyond. MORE >

Posted December 21, 2017

Interactive exhibits at Pritzker Military Museum & Library

Pritzker Military Museum & Library has always been eager to seek and embrace innovation in their branding and marketing. MORE >

Posted December 15, 2017

Zera Construction celebrates 60th anniversary

What do you get a client on the occasion of their 60th anniversary? Diamonds, as traditionalists would suggest? We knew that wouldn’t work for Zera. The answer was concrete. First, a little background. MORE >

Posted December 1, 2017

Chicago Park District exhibit celebrates significant women throughout Chicago’s history

We often marvel at the slow tide of progress, as well as its unpredictable reversals. We learn time and again that advances must never be taken for granted. To reinforce progress, breakthroughs must be thoroughly documented and celebrated. MORE >

Posted September 15, 2017