In support of our branding and marketing campaigns, Jell has developed strong website capabilities. We do it all in-house — no outsourcing or offshoring. Our creative team has years of experience designing and coding a wide variety of sites, from simple “static” sites to full-featured CMS (Content Management System) and ecommerce sites.


All of our websites are developed to be, at a minimum, mobile-friendly. That means they’ll play perfectly well on everything from an iPhone to a Droid, from an iPad to a Kindle Fire. We use modern Web standards and avoid troublesome older technologies like Flash.

When the budget allows, we design our sites to be fully responsive — adapting fluidly to devices of every size and shape. A responsive site can (and usually should) look very different on a small smartphone than it does on a laptop. Layouts may even change as you switch between portrait and landscape modes of your phone or tablet. 

When we design a site to be responsive, we change the layout of every screen dynamically to optimize legibility, navigation, and user experience.


Static sites are like printed brochures: every page of the brochure is carefully crafted, edited, and then frozen. When you want to change or add a page in a “brochure site,” you come back to us and we do it for you, usually within a day or two, but sometimes longer depending on complexity or how busy we are.

CMS websites give you much greater and immediate control. We design all the page types for your site and most of the graphics you’ll need. Then you can edit text or add new pages as necessary.


What makes a store a great store? Good lighting and a bright, open, airy feel. Logical layout. Attention to detail, taste, and style in the displays. Finding what you want in the places you expect them to be. The ability to get in and get out quickly. An implicit (and occasionally explicit) appreciation of customers.

It’s so obvious, isn’t it? But not all ecommerce sites embody these simple customer-centric principles. Many are cluttered, almost dollar-store-like, and offer as many annoyances as they do conveniences.

We don’t view the development of ecommerce sites as a commodity business. An online store is a very loaded experience: it is a selling environment, a meeting place, and an interaction with your company, much like the interaction between your customer and a sales associate. Our job is to shape that experience. If you want your customer to leave your online store impressed and eager to return, let’s meet to discuss the options.


Jell is firmly committed to Open Source technology. In other words, we develop websites using languages and techniques shared openly by many thousands of developers around the world, without restrictive licensing arrangements or exclusive requirements. No single third-party company is in charge of our programming environment; no corporate entity can suddenly change the rules on what works or doesn’t, or how much you have to pay to use the technology. This technology is considered a global asset, much like the Web itself, mostly unprivatized.

Currently, our favorite tools are PHP and MySQL running on UNIX or Linux servers. That combination is considered one of the most popular and robust platforms for Web development. That also means you can move your website from one hosting service to another quite easily, as long as they support current Open Source standards. And if you ever choose to have another firm continue work on the site we developed for you, they will quickly be able to get up to speed, provided they support PHP and MySQL.