We generally believe less is more. But we also love movement and narrative in just the right doses. And nothing engages people — emotionally — quite like compelling video.


Video moves people; movement is contagious and addictive. Sound, meaningful sound, can focus and direct those emotions.

That’s why we look for those perfect little opportunities to apply our skills in video and other rich media. Do you need bells and whistles in your communications? Not necessarily, but we never dismiss the possibility out of hand. Simplicity and content always come first, but once those are nailed down, we consider the possibilities of a deeper or more memorable connection.

Sometimes a simple, no-frills meal is wonderful as-is — but a judicious dash of sea salt, a slice of jalapeno, or a sip of wine can turn that food into a real moment, possibly an intense memory.


Rich media — video and animation — can go many different directions. It can be as simple as a timed “builds” or layering of text and imagery on a Web page. It can be as ambitious as a one-minute “explainer” animation, a splashy motion graphic, or a series of testimonial videos produced with studio-quality sound and lighting.

The common thread is an urge to provide an emotional focal point, something that catches the attention of your audience, challenges passivity, and channels them more quickly toward an understanding or an action.

So come on: let’s imagine you, your product, or your passion on the tube, if even for a moment. Your message brought to life.