Positioning + messaging strategy

Yes, it may sound like lingo, but put aside any reservations you might have. If you’ve never focused on position and message, now may be the time. Identifying your position precisely and crafting a systematic approach to your messages are the most important steps in branding.


What words come to mind when you try to describe your organization? Do you reel off products or services? The size of your staff or your operations? Your market share or membership base?

Imagine listening to your own little monologue. Are you telling a story that matters? Does it fan curiosity or douse it?

Could your employees, customers, clients, or partners accurately describe what you do or how you’re unique? Would those descriptions concur? Would they make you proud? Do they describe your best traits — or a pigeonhole you’d like to escape?


You’re not exactly the same as everyone else in your field, correct? We would hope not. So can you verbalize, without hesitation and in a very few words, exactly what differentiates you from the rest of the pack? Are those differentiators inarguable, or simply a matter of opinion? Are they memorable? Do they matter to your target audiences?

That’s the essence of positioning: identifying a unique and desirable space in the marketplace, one that will resonate and drive behavior.

Position statements are often a mouthful. They’re purely for internal distribution. But once you’ve identified your position, you have a firm foundation on which to base all subsequent branding decisions. Without a clear position, everything is up for endless debate and subject to personal whims.


Messaging is a direct extension of a positioning statement. Messaging is language developed for public consumption — a small library of approved phrases and sentences, your “go-to” system for consistent communications and marketing. This library may include elevator pitches as well as language of various lengths arranged in multi-tier platforms or in audience matrices.

When Jell develops messaging, we strive for a story that is easily told, eagerly heard, and fully comprehended. We seek to discover the essence of your organization and shine a bright light on its promise.

We’ll offer you a systematic way to talk about yourself. Different messages may be required for different constituencies or different settings. 

Messaging is where the public side of branding begins. Words matter.