Our sweet spot

What’s our specialty? Being smart: listening carefully to our clients, studying the marketplace, exploring perceptions of your brand, crafting communication and engagement strategies that work.

We’re enthusiastic and never stop learning. We research in great depth before we design a single concept or write one line of copy. And we have earned uniformly positive client satisfaction throughout our 26 years.


Jell exists to guide select clients to better futures. Put very simply, all we care about is you being your best, now and in the long term. To that end, we seek only clients who share similar business values, who maintain the highest standards and ethics, and who desire long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

We are generalists with a pragmatic, analytical bent. We bring many specific skills to the table — comprehensive brand audits, qualitative research and analysis, positioning, messaging, identity design, integrated marketing, and web development — and always seek to expand our skill set.


We love the work that we do, and we become deeply invested in the success of our clients. We’re proud of them. We want each to be the best in their respective fields, to become more effective in their efforts, and to reach or surpass the goals they set. We hate mediocrity.

Jell thrives on challenges and adaptation. Unexpected twists and tough realities spur our creativity. We believe in market forces, competitive analyses, critical inquiry, and a rational approach to marketing.

Choose Jell if you’re looking for a firm that will offer your organization strong guidance — a firm that will politely steer you away from missteps and pitfalls. Choose Jell if you’re seeking clear-headed analyses, straight talk, and research-driven brand strategies.

Choose Jell if your ultimate goal is to be the best.