All of us dabble in naming. We name our kids, our pets, our cars. Maybe you even named a band you were in. But few of us have shouldered the burden of naming a business, a product, or a service. And those of us who have had the pleasure appreciate the gravity of the task. Get it wrong and, at best, people ignore you; at worst, they laugh or cringe or you go out of business. Get it right, and everyone thinks you’re a genius.


Sometimes a lot, sometimes very little. Brand history is full of stories in which entrepreneurs chose or invented oddball names that now seem clever and prescient. Think Apple, Google, Amazon. None of those names seemed to make much sense right off the bat.

Granted, those names were created by some very bright people. But they also got lucky, and the amazing businesses behind those names were key to the names’ success. A great name attached to a shaky value proposition will soon be forgotten. 


There’s simply no magic formula to naming. It all depends on the nature of your organization, your offerings, your differentiators, your competition, and your audience. And even once you’ve analyzed all of that, there are the truly harsh realities of domain availability and potential trademark infringements.

Short story: the chances of you nailing the perfect name based purely on wit or instinct are quite slim.

Jell has guided a wide range of clients — including those in health, financial, technology, and not-for-profit sectors — on all issues related to naming. Present us with the challenge, and we can navigate the naming waters start-to-finish. We can explore dozens, and even hundreds, of options, providing you with a full report of our top picks along with ranked lists of all the also-rans that didn’t make the final cut.

You’ll see the breadth and depth of our research and the complete rationales for our ranking. Then we can collaborate with you on the final selection process, which may include visual explorations into corporate identity of a select few candidates.