Digital + direct marketing

The principle seems simple. Be everywhere you can be. Be everywhere your audience might be. Engage meaningfully. And, of course, keep checking to see whether your competitors are there in the mix too.

All while staying within budget and on message.


As media channels propagate and splinter, the number of places that any of us can be are multiplying rapidly. This is the challenge for all of us — creatives and clients — as we move into the future.

No one can be everywhere, all the time. But Jell is committed to assessing which of these presences will enhance your position in a sustainable and meaningful way. We have experience building presences and campaigns in the following media:

  • Landing pages and microsites
  • Blog development
  • Search engine marketing (aka CPC, cost-per-click, or AdWords)
  • Social marketing (primarily Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube)
  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Online (aka banner) advertising
  • Print advertising (magazines and newspapers)

In today’s world of integrated marketing, we don’t just mail postcards or place ads, then cross our fingers.

We anticipate online search behavior, social interactions, compare and tweak user experiences, and strive to deliver content and engagements appropriate to the consumer and the context.