Corporate identity

A strong, rigorously designed corporate identity system is essential to establishing and promoting your brand. Identity standards are the basis of recall. Clarity and consistency, over time, reinforce relationships. A good identity system is good business.

Does that mean we design logos? Yes indeed. But never in isolation.


An identity system might include business cards, envelopes, letterhead, web standards, invoices, Word and PowerPoint templates, packaging, shipping labels, bags, t-shirts.

A system can also include taglines, extended color palettes, photography guidelines, and clear statements of intangible qualities or value propositions.

These diverse elements must all be designed with a common vision and a guiding set of principles.

In fact, we like to embody these principles in a brand standards guide (aka, style guide) — essentially a user manual for you and your organization to move forward in a clear and systematic way with the identity system we’ve provided. Why guess how big the logo can be or which fonts to use when?


We will happily design a logo for you. But we will do so only in the context of a complete system. A logo in isolation, with no anticipation of future applications, is a “partial solution” — or less charitably, a “partial failure.” Who needs that?

Not you. Let’s do it right.