Book + magazine design

It’s our secret passion: the pleasures of the book. Whether it’s an annual report, a coffee table book, or a popular magazine, there’s nothing as inherently rewarding as creating a bound set of printed pages, a tradition that binds us to the rich history and heritage of the printing press.

Jell has been enjoying book and magazine design for many years. We have always been especially pleased to develop those book and magazine projects in which we’re employed not only as print designers but as editorial partners, striving for visual and thematic synergies that can only be achieved through complete cooperation with the publisher or content team.

Recent highlights

Jell has been honored to work on two gorgeous coffee-table histories of Chicago, Sounds of Chicago’s Lakefront (co-authored by Tony Macaluso, Julia S. Bachrach, and Neal Samors) and Inspired by Nature (co-authored by Julia S. Bachrach and Jo Ann Nathan). We’d like to think that these volumes have helped to set the bar higher in this category.

Our magazine work over the past 20 years has included a diverse array of topics and treatments: Horizons, Chicago Wilderness, Litigation News, Cuerpo, Digital New York, and Digital Chicago.

Jell’s roots in this field can be traced to founder Joe Grossmann’s history in book and magazine authorship and publishing. But Joe’s passion for the book form is shared completely by every member of Jell; we all take exceptional pride in our book and magazine portfolio.