Annual reports

When it’s time to distill the goals, challenges, and successes of the past year, choose Jell to tell your story. With years of experience creating annual reports both big and small, we understand what it takes to combine narratives and numbers in a way that captures not only who you are, but also how you got to now.


Annual reports should be much more than spreadsheets and pie charts. When Jell creates an annual report, we look for the narrative thread and an emotional arc: Where did your year start? Did you define new objectives or adopt a bold strategy? How high did you aim? Did your team exceed expectations or surprise you with innovations? Who did you help or impress? Did you make big changes, face difficult choices, or turn challenges into triumphs?

Let’s get together and talk. Give us your short story — the big take–away messages you hope people remember — than let’s do a deep dive into the twists and turns, the events and milestones, anything that helps us understand how you got to where you are now. The more we know with an insider’s perspective, the more powerful and informative your next annual report will be.


We’re a messaging firm, so we love well-chosen words. But in some cases, we prefer to minimize text and substitute high-impact visuals. That can be especially true when we want to depict who you serve, the smiles you put on their faces, or your victories in the marketplace.

There’s nothing stock about your annual report. Don’t fall into a visual rut. Jell will craft a distinctive, contemporary look to capture your year in review, combining your existing photography, new portraiture, crystal-clear charts, and stunningly simple infographics.


The other thing to know about Jell is that we’re ambidextrous. We’re expert at putting ink on paper, but we’re equally capable of producing an interactive report that lives entirely online. Our annual report designers are as comfortable selecting paper and running press checks as they are programming HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

We can even turn people profiles and testimonials into living, breathing web videos. Who says an annual report is strictly for reading?

So bring it on. Tell us your story and let us bring it alive — in a book, on your website, through YouTube or other social media. We go wherever your audience pays attention.