Careers at Jell

Jell is a tight-knit team of perfectionists and over-achievers. We only want to work with other bright, friendly, and ambitious creatives — designers, developers, and communicators who enjoy hard work, tough challenges, and tight collaboration.

We’re always on the look-out for the next dyed-in-the-wool Jell team member. If you’re a fit, we want to meet you. Who knows where it could go?

Warning: We’re not crazy about titles, people who love titles, or folks who enjoy the comforts of pigeonholes. We like smart people who never want to stop learning or expanding their skill sets. We only hire people who would be bored working anywhere else.

What kinds of “positions” might be available? Here are a few:


We admire hands-on thinkers and writers who can:

  • run an AdWords campaign; 
  • call clients on their birthdays;
  • produce a video;
  • help reorganize the storage room; 
  • create a Photoshop action to downsample images; and
  • debate the pros and cons of Ajax.


Jell is attracted to super-organized project managers who can:

  • write witty headlines and tweets; 
  • discuss information architecture and APIs; 
  • enjoy a beer on Friday; 
  • quote Morning Edition; 
  • write an Analytics report; and 
  • double-check overprints and ink densities.


A graphic designer at Jell would probably be able to:

  • normalize a database;
  • laugh at her or his own foibles;
  • write Javascript for fun; 
  • reach for the phone on the first ring; 
  • help clean the kitchen; and 
  • compare Keynesian and supply-side economics.

Web developer

We have a weak spot for open-source programmers who can:

  • bake cookies for the team;
  • update a Gantt chart; 
  • write a position statement;
  • propose an alternative approach to typography; 
  • catch bugs before anyone else; and 
  • cite milestones in Chicago history.

If, despite all the caveats and warnings expressed above, you’re interested in joining the Jell team, please email us a brief cover letter specifically addressing this misguided obsession along with a resume in PDF format. Do not attach any work samples to your email. Instead, submit a link to your online portfolio. Please provide links to websites you have helped design, code, or populate, and specify your role(s) in each. We only consider inquiries that conform to these rules.