Jules Raud

Jules is a member of the technology team at Jell, does backend programming in PHP, and also codes frontend with Javascript, HTML, and CSS. When tackling complex web projects, he focuses on simplicity and usability in user interaction design, and believes minimalism is always the most efficient approach.

Born in Paris, France, he moved to Chicago when he was a few months old and has lived here ever since. A self-described geek, Jules is completely self-taught — he took a few basic web design classes in high school but spent most of his time correcting the teachers.

Jules is a member of the Free Software Foundation and the GNU/Linux community. He is currently enrolled at Truman College and is amazingly adept at balancing his time between work, school, and sleep. Outside of the studio, he likes to draw, go camping, and listen to music.

  • free-form

  • art • hipster • idealistic • pragmatic

  • food

  • Italian

  • music

  • The King of Carrot Flowers (Neutral Milk Hotel) • Reverend Green (Animal Collective) • Bleed (Meshuggah)

  • books

  • House of Leaves (Mark Danielewski) • Brave New World (Aldous Huxley) • Ethics (Spinoza)

  • periodicals

  • Linux Pro

  • casts

  • Nova • Arrested Development • King of the Hill

  • creatives

  • Trent Reznor • Picasso • Fredrik Thordendal • Kurt Vonnegut • Saul Williams