Happening Recently at Jell

Jell Pi Day 2015

The Jell Creative team asks the question: "If pi was a branding and marketing firm, what would pi look like?" MORE >

Posted March 14, 2015

The word is now out: Free Spirit PRO is for hire

Just about everyone in Chicago who works in the video industry — or has any familiarity with youth-centric not-for-profits — knows about Free Spirit Media. MORE >

Posted October 8, 2014

Capturing a pivotal year for After School Matters

The stats are mind-blowing. Nearly 14,000 high school students were enrolled in one or more of After School Matters’s 1,045 programs in 2013 — all voluntarily! (In fact, 33,285 applied, but not all could be accommodated.) MORE >

Posted October 3, 2014

Compassionate care for all patients: delivering the 2014 annual appeal for Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Founded over 117 years ago — originally as “The Passavant Woman’s Aid Society” — the Woman’s Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital is one of Chicago’s oldest charitable organizations. MORE >

Posted September 16, 2014

Connecting with fans of Lyric Opera: live translations, plus a raffle

Saturday September 6 was a perfect night for the Stars of Lyric Opera at Millennium Park 2014. The weather was cool, calm, and dry (following a day of violent storms), and over 11,000 people showed up to fill the Great Lawn. A few thousand more tuned in by radio or via WFMT stream. MORE >

Posted September 8, 2014

Charting a new communications strategy for Harris School of Public Policy

At our first meeting with faculty and staff, we asked a seemingly simple question: “How should we fill the blank in ‘If you want ______, go to Harris.’”? MORE >

Posted August 29, 2014

Tuning in to Studs: a preview of great things to come

Over the past few months, Jell Creative has begun a close working collaboration with The WFMT Radio Network and Pop Up Archive to revive the archived recordings of Studs Terkel and give new life to his legacy. MORE >

Posted May 9, 2014

Telescoping a dazzling year of community engagement at Adler Planetarium

2013 was an exciting, evolutionary year at Adler Planetarium. Dr. Paul Knappenberger had recently retired as president after 21 years of service. In December 2012, the Board of Trustees elected Dr. Michelle B. Larson as Adler’s ninth leader — and notably, Adler’s first female president and CEO. MORE >

Posted May 6, 2014

Celebrating stories of citizen soldiers, Pritzker Military aims for national reach

Exactly one year ago today, we received a call from Ken Clarke, President & CEO of the Pritzker Military Library. Turns out, that call was something of a life-changer — at least, for most of us here at Jell. MORE >

Posted November 19, 2013

Differentiating DHR International, the global executive search experts

If you’re at all familiar with the C-suite job market for large international corporations, you know that filling leadership positions is no simple matter. Competition for global-level executive talent is fierce, and the entire process — from research to courtship to selection — must be conducted with the greatest discretion. MORE >

Posted October 7, 2013